Executive Committee

  • Sam Khan, Founder

    Sam Khan is a Well know South Asian Community Leader.Sam Khan vision is to Bring unity in the South Asian Community . He has a vision that South Asian Community should involve in Political system in America.

  • Dr.Muhammad Zubair, Trustee

    Dr.Mohammad Zubair is a Well know Pakistani Community Leader.

  • Mian Aziz, Trustee

    Mian Aziz is a Well know Indian Community Leader.He is owner of Wel known Pakistan Restaurant Sheezan at Oak tree road Edison New jersey.

  • Mateen Abbas Trustee

    Mateen Abbas is a Wel know Pakistani Community Leader.

Get involved

Get involved

When people come together and take action, huge changes are possible. So, whether you campaign, fundraise, donate or volunteer, you’ll be joining thousands of others who want to help build a better community. PDP Pakistan Day parade NJ seeks volunteers to assist in organizing Mega Event " Pakistan Day Parade of New Jersey" .

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