Our Mission

Dear Visitor,
It is my great pleasure and distinct honor to be named President of the first annual Pakistan Day Parade of NJ. I could not think of a better way to display our commitment to our culture and community than with an undertaking of this magnitude. This first annual unprecedented event, is a fantastic beginning to highlight and show the American public the contributions we as a community have made. We need show how much the Pakistani community cares, loves, respects and cherishes the opportunities that we have enjoyed since immigrating to this blessed land.

The Pakistani community in the United States represents no more than 1% of the total population and despite our low percentage we have excelled and prospered as a group like no other. We have prospered in many areas including High Tech Industries, Banking, Aero Space, running our own business's, Education, Government and many other fields which are too numerous to mention. Our children have also made us very proud by achieving high honors in education and leading the way to an even better future for this country.

With all of the great accomplishments mentioned above, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. After achieving these great success's that could only be done in this great land called America, we as a community need to unify even further and give something back to our communities and society. There are many areas were we need to improve our presence and involvement including community service such as volunteer fire and rescue departments, working with the elderly and at our local hospitals. America has welcomed us with open arms and we are now at the point where we need to extend our great thanks back for the opportunities and successes we have enjoyed. At the same time, we also need to give something back to our motherland so the world's largest democracy can prosper further from the great successes we have achieved here.

In summary, we have made great achievements and accomplishments as a group and community which we are sincerely grateful. We need to now start working together even more in and outside our communities for the betterment of our lives and for future generation s of Indian Americans. This increased unity will no doubt result in our gain in political strength in our local towns, states and Washington, DC. I am privileged and honored and I will dedicate whatever time and resources that is required to make this dream a reality.
I would like to personally thank and congratulate the Founder, - Sam Khan, The President – Zubair Mohammad, along with the rest of the esteemed Trusties including Sam Khan, Dr.Zubair Mohammad, Tauqeer Sheikh ,Mian Aziz andMateen Abbass I am very proud of this high honor and I personally look forward to being a part of the team that really make a difference for the Indian community here in the USA and also back home in our motherland.
Sam Khan